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Wendy's Pet Care is a dream come true. Since bringing our Rupert home last August, we have really valued his time there. Not only one of the best ways to socialise him - his biting behaviour calmed down after just one visit! - but it's handy when work meetings get in the way of our usual lunchtime together. We didn't want to put Rupert in a centre for a full day as it's a lot for a pup, Wendy is so convenient in that they collect from our house and as a bonus are very reasonably priced. Rupert goes completely loopy when they come to the door so I know it's something he really enjoys. I would recommend Wendy's Pet Care to anyone, and I frequently do!’


‘Eli has been going to Wendy and Alan's since he was a puppy, he's just over 2 years old now... I couldn't imagine my little Eli going anywhere else apart from Wendy's pet care... they treat and love him as if he were their own and that's such a lovely feeling..

Wendy and Alan are wonderful people and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to the care and wellbeing of my little boy...

Thank you Wendy and Alan for all your love and care with our mischievous bundle of fur... you come with the highest recommendation from myself and my husband xxx’


‘Wendy has been looking after my girls for nearly 5 years now and I wouldn't trust anyone else to look after them and care for them the way that Wendy does. Dollie and Daphne come home absolutely shattered after a good play out with Wendy and their doggy friends which makes me a very happy doggy mummy knowing they have worn themselves out from having so much fun!’


‘I would recommend this service to anyone! My puppy Poppy has been going to day care for a couple of months now and she absolutely loves it! We receive pictures and videos of what she's been up to and she always looks like she's having fun! Wendy and Alan both really care for Poppy and this is clear when they pick her up and how they talk about her. We have asked Wendy for advice on how to crate train Poppy and this has worked wonders! We are really grateful for the care and love that is shown to Poppy and we would be lost without the service! Thank you!!’

Katie and Lewis x

‘I first starting using Wendy's Pet care in 2015 when I first Dog Ben was 12 weeks old. I was returning to full time work after maternity and was worried about Ben being left for long periods. I had spoken to a number of dog walkers in the area but struggled as many were inflexible. I then found Wendy! Even from the first telephone conversation her enthusiasm and passion for what she does was apparent. From the secured acres of land the dogs have to play on, to the professional transport and pick up and drop off service, I knew I had found the right provider. This was further cemented when Wendy met Ben, and Ben totally fell in love with her. Now three years on we have added another fare baby to our clan by the name of Jerry and both my dogs, enjoy hours of running with their friends in a secure and safe environment. As a result of the daily socialisation my pups turned into well rounded dogs.  When I get home in the evening both are knackered and happy and therefore I can't recommend Wendy and her team enough. They have years of dog handling and animal behavioral experience which has come in handy with a young family. The service is by far value for money and Wendy and her team have gone above and beyond at times and I would honestly be lost without them. Give them ago and see for yourself.’


‘Wendy and Alan have looked after Bella since she was a puppy. They were recommended to us and we are certainly happy we chose to send Bella to daycare. Bella loves going to play and they give us reassurance that she is being well looked after whilst we are at work. They are very accommodating and trustworthy, I couldn't think of anywhere I'd rather send Bella whilst we are at work.

Thank you Wendy and Alan!’

Georgina, James and Bella x

Wendy's Pet Care is totally reliable and trustworthy and gives our little pooch Lollipop the biggest amount of care and love. Lollipop waits for them in the morning, with each van passing our house making her wag her tail in excitement. It's so reassuring knowing that Lollipop is being looked after and allowed to have oodles of fun while we have to work during the week. We receive regular photos and videos of Lollipop having fun, exactly want we want for her if we can't be with her! Not only has Wendy's Pet Care helped us, but she was helped our little Lollipop too. After losing our other dog, Lollipop was struggling to get used to being an only dog and not having other canine friends to be with all day. Now, with thanks to Wendy's Pet Care, Lollipop is back to being her happy and playful self, and we can't thank Wendy and Alan enough for this.’


‘Mine are the collies, you know when you come home from work. and you feel guilty that you have left your dogs. Let me tell you Wendy is not just a dog walker. There is something special about that lady. Dont let you head get big tho Wend. I would pay her £100 and more. I trust no one with my dogs. Wendy is something different/ Bless you Wendy. xxx Oh it is Blue's birthday soon, the red merle in the pic for you lot who dont know. My dogs are in safe hands with Wendy xxx.’

Hazel Hayes, Derby

‘Wendy is reliable, caring and most importantly Trudy absolutely loves her.

Over the last two years Wendy has helped get Trudy to socialise with other dogs and helped to turn her into the happy contented dog she is today.

I would recommend Wendy to anybody who is looking for that special person to look after their dog.

Richard, Alvaston

‘We have two dogs and three cats. On our work days Wendy walks and cares for our dogs. Being new dog owners Wendy has helped and advised us on how to care for and train our dogs. Now a year on, we have a brilliantly happy home with our lovely dogs and we thank Wendy for her wonderful service. She also looks after our cats whilst we are away. They love her just as much as the dogs do. She has a genuine affection for animals and we would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Wendy.’

Michelle, Alvaston, Derby

‘I would recommend Wendy to look after any animal.  She is reliable,trustworthy, caring and most importantly loves animals.  Bryn my Labradoodle and Rossi my Poodle have been on various walks with Wendy.

’I walked with her one day and was pleased to see how happy they were and how much fun they all had.  I would absolutely recommend Wendy to anyone who wants their pet looked after. Remember, Dogs are the best judges !!’

Gill, Barrow-Upon-Trent, Derbyshire

‘Having extended my working hours, I was desperate to find someone who could walk my collie Ruby during the day while I was away at work in the West Midlands

‘As luck would have it Wendy put her card through my door and looking back now I cannot believe how fortunate I was to discover a lady so dedicated to her work and offering a service that proved to be way beyond my expectations.

‘Ruby received the care and attention that I could only dream about and when I found myself struggling to find a member of the family to care for Ruby while I was away in Spain for a few days, who saved the day at the eleventh hour, of course it was Wendy who came to my rescue.

’Unfortunately I have now moved away from Derby, but I cannot praise Wendy enough for the caring & professional   approach she demonstrated throughout the time she cared for Ruby.

‘Speaking on behalf of Ruby, I am sure she still misses her doggie friends and the fun they had  on their daily  walks together ......... and of course not forgetting her very special friend Wendy’.

David, South Normanton, Alfreton, Derbyshire

’I have known Wendy for many years as she was the Landlady in our local pub.  Wendy not only ran the pub but worked mornings as a kennel maid and eventually became manager.

‘Wendy had a German shepherd called Meg, when Meg had a litter of pups we became the proud owners of our beautiful Shepherd Mo!

‘As we go on holiday two or three times a year, Mo goes to stay with Wendy, or if we are just having days out or Mo needs walking we give Wendy a call.

‘We know she is well loved and cared for because she can't wait to go, when Wendy comes she is so excited, gets her Teddy, bag and bed and off into the car.

‘Wendy has Bart, a white shepherd and Homer a black and tan and Mo recently met Wendy's latest addition to her family, Milly, Molly, Holly and Milo. (Yorkies).

‘Mo fits in well; Mo is 9 years old now.

‘We never have a worry when we leave her as we know she is treated with love and kindness just as Bart and Homer are.

‘Wendy has even taken our Mo to the sea side for day trips and on their personal holiday on a Barge for a week.

‘I personally would recommend Wendy as I feel Mo is safe, happy, and well cared for when we are away which gives us peace of mind and freedom to enjoy our holidays.’

Steve and Ann, Chester Green, Derby